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Popeye is a graphical Java (swing) tool for helping a developer or a team of developers to make it's application multilingual (I18N). It was  originally developed as a properties file editor.

The Java language provides a language bundle mechanism to solve this problem without a lot of trouble. Such bundles consists of a set of properties files and each file contains a special language translation in a key=value style. In huge projects it can be difficult to hold many files up to date. At this case Popeye aims, because it reads all files and collect the translations for the keys. Now the user can edit, resort, remove or insert new entries.

Apart from the java bundles there are a number of other solutions (for other programming languages), e.g. po or catalog files. Now - Popeye can read only the java properties files. But the current versions have some abstract internal layers which can handle any type of file (theoretical).
It is possible for the next versions of Popeye, to work with other sets of language files.

See feature list and screenshots section for more details.

Please report any bugs, errors or wishes. All requests are welcome!

Latest release: sunshine 0.54
Release date: 2006-04-25